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Improved the Hawkeye poster for Avengers 2.

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 Look, none of my ideas will ever make the movie, so I can just tell you all of them. It will never be a spoiler. But I know that in the comic Gamora and Iron Man, they have hooked up and how does Peter Quill feel about that? Chris Pratt Wants To Kill Iron Man

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Bring it d o w n

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Lost Meme

↳  ten whatever you want [1/10] - Desmond Hume FtThe Blue Shirt

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inspired by.

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Imagining Steve’s inner dialogue as a constant motivational speech has given me life.

I now can never watch the movie the same again

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But can you feel the budding friendship  。◕ ‿ ◕。 

Do you think it’s going to be their brofist @⌒ー⌒@

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this is my otp

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