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Come on, girl. You know I look good.
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"What the hell?! Why does he do that?”
"Because that’s his super-power. The Creep Soldier.”

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Chris Pratt and Sebastian Stan being adorable idiots. 

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[insp] The Winter Soldier is slowly remembering who he used to be, and who Steve was to him. But he doesn’t understand how the person he would have gone to hell for (and did) didn’t even go to the bottom of a mountain for him.

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Thanks Milo. Thanks a lot

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I’m fuckin dying tony calls rhodey “honey bear” and asks him to blow on his dice not 10 minutes into the first movie and the majority of this fandom thinks they’re just super platonic pals goodbye

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This was one of the funniest jokes in film history

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you picked the w r o n g side, agent.

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reallybadacid said:

sometimes i think about Clint Barton as part of the Avengers and how /completely insecure/ he must feel whenever he's out with the rest of them because honestly? what does he have to offer this team sure he can shoot stuff but so can natasha so can tony and he's deaf and a liability and if any of them knew how f***** up he is they'd kick him off the team without a second thought sometimes he wonders what fury was thinking putting him on the team in the first place he's been compromised for years


Because they’re all superpowered and Clint’s just there like

And most days, Clint believes and knows that he belongs on the team but sometimes those old insecurities come creeping back in.


There comes a day where the bad guy of the month comes crashing in with some sort of sonic wave thing, and it sends all of the other Avengers crashing to their knees, completely debilitated, and Clint?  Clint pops out his hearing aid and just takes that mofo out with a boomerang arrow, because boomerang arrows.

So, yeah, sometimes he gets down in the dumps.  But all he has to remember is the look on  that dude’s face just before the arrow comes flinging back around to feel better about it.

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